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Who we work with

How ALF helps you:

With Outbound Marketing

ALF’s detailed database of over 35,000 contacts at 17,000 brands, 6,000 advertisers and 900 agencies puts marketers in control to run successful campaigns. Accurate and up-to-date data allows you to personalise your messages to an unparalleled degree. Enabling you to send emails with low bounce rates and high open rates.

With Sales Prospecting

Don't waste your time prospecting. ALF gives you instant access to over 35,000 marketing and advertising decision makers from the top advertisers, brands and agencies in the UK.
These companies spend in excess of £11 billion pounds a year on advertising. We allocate this spend to over 17,000 brands to help you find the perfect lead to kick-start your sales pipeline.

With Research

The best research starts with accurate and comprehensive data. We update the ALF database constantly, making over 20,000 contact and job changes each month. 60% of the staffing appointments we uncovered by our 20-strong research team are exclusive to us.

ALF provides the most comprehensive information in the industry so you can make sure you get it right first time.

Integrating ALF

Our team is constantly exploring new ways to help our clients use ALF's data to enrich their workflows.