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Navigating brand and agency relationships


Whether you are trying to understand which agencies a brand uses or what accounts an agency holds ALF can give you the full picture, linking companies to their incumbent agencies.

Understand current relationships and changes


  • Reviews - Brands call for agency review for a variety reason. Whether it’s a new direction, savings, simplifying its agency roster or it hasn’t worked with an agency before, ALF will update you on which brands have decided to look for a new agency for all specialisms.
  • Pitches  - Want to understand what pitches are ongoing right now?  
  • Wins  - ALF will show you all the latest account wins from the last 3 months.

How often does a brand review its agency


If you want to identify any agency review trends. ALF archives all historical review pitches and wins in our News sections so you can search how often or when the last time a company reviewed or appointed an agency.

Quality Data

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Identifying Opportunities

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