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Sales and marketing teams can identify and target the areas most relevant to them by using ALF.

ALF’s advance search capability to builds target markets based on:


  • Brand or agency sectors – ALF covers 33 different categories and 568 sub-categories so whether it is a marketing campaign to brands who meet your spend criteria or a sector you want to reach, you can build targeted campaigns for different market segments.
  • Job functions – utilise ALF’s job functions to target the right decision-makers. Whether it is Marketing Directors or those specifically responsible for content marketing, advertising decisions, social media or media strategy, ALF allows you to target the right people for your offering.
  • Spend – use spend searches to narrow down the top spenders in certain areas based on media channel or time.
  • Multi-channel prospecting – for the best outcome use a multi-channel response and utilise ALF’s range of contact channels including email, phone, office addresses and social media profiles.
  • Find the decision-making unit (DMU) – on average it takes 6.8 people to make a buying decision in a business. ALF helps identify, engage, and get in front of the relevant stakeholders by researching multiple decision-makers across the market.

ALF is designed perfectly for you


ALF’s functionality enables you to create targeted prospect lists and utilise functionality to export prospect data for your marketing campaigns!

Quality Data

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Identifying Opportunities

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Navigating brand and agency relationships

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