How ALF saves sales professionals valuable time
when prospecting

As a salesperson do you struggle to find the information you need to prospect your potential clients?

Are you finding yourself flicking between different sources to piece together all the data you are looking for?

ALF's team of 18 researchers track the top 6,000 advertisers in the UK, their associated brands and media agencies who collectively spend £10 billion on advertising. We then research the top marketing and advertising decision makers at these companies to give you a complete map of the UK media landscape.

All this means that you no longer need to waste your time researching. ALF provides you with everything at once.

What information can you get using ALF?

  • Full contact details including telephone numbers, email addresses, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.

  • Agency relationships showing you who is working on brands and their responsibilities.

  • Job titles and function so that you can be sure you have the correct contact.

  • Trade press information taken from 31 different sources so you can see wherever your potential prospects have been mentioned at a glance.

  • The ability to create detailed prospect lists so that you can find groups of potential prospects using specific categories. 

ALF has a 30 year proven record of generating a steady funnel of leads for sales professionals.

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“I love ALF because it helped us hit every quarterly target in 2018!!!

Matthew Salandy, Head of Business Development, Londonist