Do you struggle to get accurate data for your
outbound marketing?

ALF’s detailed database of over 35,000 contacts at 16,000 brands, 6,000 advertisers and 900 agencies puts you in control to run successful campaigns.

ALF is updated daily by a team of 18 researchers who ensure that your campaigns can be as accurate and targeted as possible.

Segment your campaigns by as many or as few criteria as you desire including: 

  • Job function - including Managing Directors, Chairmen, Marketing Directors, Sales Managers, Digital Managers, Media Planners, Outdoor, Researchers, Brand Managers, Agency Liaisons and many more. 

  • Industry - including retail, travel, drink, automotive, entertainment, charities, cosmetics and finance.

  • Number of employees - to give an indication of the size of company you are trying to contact.

  • Advertising spend - we partner with Nielsen to provide the most accurate ad spend data available.

  • Location - we track companies from across the UK and include postal addresses to enable you to conduct direct mail campaigns.

Whether you’re creating an email, direct mail or telemarketing campaign, ALF enables you to identify key decision-makers within your chosen criteria.

ALF has a 30 year proven record, helping marketing professionals run successful campaigns with high conversion rates.

Request a demo today to see for yourself.

We have had a higher email open rate from a list pulled from ALF than any other list we have used in the past. It’s is a brilliant tool that has saved us so much time.

David Walsh, In Situ Media