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With your ALF subscription you will have access to:


  • Daily news on 18,000 of the UK’s leading brands from 31 trade press sources
  • Contact information, email addresses and links to social media profiles for over 35,000 marketing decision-makers
  • Alerts on new marketing appointments and promotions; 60% exclusive to ALF
  • Nielsen spend collectively worth over £11 billion a year, split by media channel
  • Updates on agency reviews, pitches and wins

Brands involved in sponsorships and partnerships


Looking for advertisers that want to build their brand metrics or need companies that want to increase their brand exposure and align their image to a particular purpose? ALF will show you all the marketing-decision makers responsible for partnerships and sponsorships from the UK’s leading brands and provide you with their contact details, so all you need to do is think about your approach.

ALF consolidates news from 31 publications highlighting to you any news on brands who have undertaken sponsorship and partnership activities, ensuring you will never miss any information important to you. You will even have visibility on how much each brand invests within the main media channels where you can keep track of budgets and spending trends.

Understanding brands and agencies relationships


And if brand and agency relationships are important to you, ALF will show you which brands work with which agencies and alert you the moment a review is announced. You will also be informed on progress from who is pitching to who ends up winning, enabling you to act quickly, find the new contacts and add them to your pipeline.

We have had a higher email open rate from a list pulled from ALF than any other list we have used in the past. It’s is a brilliant tool that has saved us so much time.

David Walsh, In Situ Media

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