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With your ALF subscription you will have access to:


  • Daily news on 18,000 of the UK’s leading brands from 31 trade press sources
  • Contact information, email addresses and links to social media profiles for over 35,000 marketing decision-makers
  • Alerts on new marketing appointments and promotions; 60% exclusive to ALF
  • Nielsen spend collectively worth over £11 billion a year, split by media channel
  • Updates on agency reviews, pitches and wins
  • Agency account lists and brand links

Helping you hit your targets


Working in sales or new business is incredibly hard without the right resources. It's like putting together furniture without the instructions or any tools!

The days of guessing email addresses and searching out of date information online will be behind you as ALF will provide you with the most accurate data on brands, giving you full access to the market.  

Hitting your targets will be much easier knowing that ALF will show you which person is responsible for advertising decisions at either agencies or advertisers, along with contacts who look after specific brands and the budgets they manage. So, all you need to do is think about your pitch!

We’ve done everything: you just need to close the sale


If you’re working with a brand’s agency, you’ll be informed the moment there is an agency review and you can monitor which agencies are pitching and which agency ends up winning the account, enabling you to act quickly, find the new contacts and add them to your pipeline.

When you have ALF you will be notified when changes occur within the industry or find new companies that have started spending on advertising so you can take action immediately, a far more efficient way of prospecting.

There are over 10,000 changes reflected in ALF every week and we research the market more frequently than other suppliers in our field.

ALF is an incredible sales tool, providing valuable information and contact details of key decision makers at businesses I am trying to target. It gives me an edge over my competition and helps me secure sales revenue.

Mike Huston, Managing Director, Great British Radio