Looking to target top UK marketing and
advertising professionals?

The ALF Insight database has over 35,000 contacts including the key marketing and advertising decision makers from the top companies in the UK.

ALF enables you to delve into your target market and discover the exact contacts you need to win your next client. Then once you know who to contact, ALF goes further and gives you insight into why and how you should be contacting them. 

ALF shows you:

  • Advertising spend - partnering with Nielsen in order to give the most accurate and detailed ad spend information available.

  • Contact details - including telephone numbers, emails and social media links.

  • Agency relationships - so you can see who is working on what account.

  • Trade press coverage - from 31 different sources so you can see at a glance where a potential client has been mentioned online.

  • Insightful reports - to give ALF subscribers an edge over competitors.

Our dedicated 18-strong research team updates the database continuously to ensure its accuracy.

Whether you are looking for Digital Marketing Managers, Digital Directors, Chief Marketing Officers, Marketing Directors, Marketing Managers, Brand Officers, Content Marketing Managers, Mobile Marketing Managers, Direct Marketing Professionals at the top UK advertisers or their related agencies. 

Or one of the over 35,000 marketing and advertising related contacts on the database, ALF can help you generate the leads you need to succeed.

Request a demo today to see for yourself.

A colleague recommended ALF to help us prospect new business.  ALF is a great tool that provides key insight and more importantly puts us in contact with the right decision makers.

Lauren Corcoran, Ad Sales Planner, SONY