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With your ALF subscription you will have access to:


  • Daily news on 18,000 of the UK’s leading brands from 31 trade press sources
  • Contact information, email addresses and links to social media profiles for over 35,000 marketing decision-makers
  • Alerts on new marketing appointments and promotions; 60% exclusive to ALF
  • Nielsen spend collectively worth over £11 billion a year, split by media channel
  • Updates on agency reviews, pitches and wins

Who are you prospecting ?


Your prospective clients will always have a business problem that you can solve. And, to win that business, you need to get them excited about what you have to offer. Which isn't the easiest.

ALF makes it easier for you  by providing you with valuable leads which can be tailored to the type of clients and job functions you are after.

Whether you are using a marketing-based approach to generate inbound enquiries or have a targeted sales outreach, ALF is perfect for you.

As we research and deliver data and information from 33 market sectors and 568 sub sectors, ALF will help you find the right marketing professionals and agency specialists from industries most relevant to you.

Access to the entire market


ALF consolidates marketing specific news which will give you the tell-tale signs that strategy changes are imminent. And if you’re looking out for mergers and acquisitions, new brands that have entered the market or brands making new marketing hires, ALF will notify you.

If you are running email campaigns aimed at a particular industry sector, ALF will help you populate lists of email addresses based on job functions you want to target.

And if brand and agency relationships are important to you, ALF will show you which brands work with which agencies and alert you the moment a review is announced. You’ll also be informed on progress from who is pitching to who ends up winning, enabling you to act quickly, find the new contacts and add them to your pipeline.

Without ALF it would be endlessly more difficult to find the contacts that inform our sales effort. It's a tool we'd struggle to live without!

Joshua Hood, Marketing Manager, Canopy Media Management