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With your ALF subscription you will have access to:


  • Daily news on 18,000 of the UK’s leading brands from 31 trade press sources
  • Contact information, email addresses and links to social media profiles for over 35,000 marketing decision-makers
  • Alerts on new marketing appointments and promotions; 60% exclusive to ALF
  • Nielsen spend collectively worth over £11 billion a year, split by media channel
  • Updates on agency reviews, pitches and wins
  • Overview of existing agency relationships

The signs for new opportunities


Whatever your style of new business, knowing the decision-makers who will be involved in calling an agency review and keeping track of the signals that indicate changes are crucial.

ALF will provide you with the data and information you need to identify new opportunities, help with your prospecting and win new business.

There are over 10,000 changes reflected in ALF every week and we research the market more frequently than other suppliers in our field. These changes include senior marketing appointments, mergers and acquisitions, product launches and changes in advertising spend, which can all be triggers for a company to start looking for a new agency.  

The right information


ALF consolidates news from 31 trade press publications giving insights into strategy of the UK’s leading brands helping you understand their future plans. As ALF archives all this information on each brands profile, you can even see when a brand last reviewed its agency.

If you want to create a competitors analysis, be notified of new companies who have just entered the market and identify brands who do not work with an agency, ALF brings together all the information you need to find, target and pitch the brands you want from the sectors missing from your portfolio. ALF will never let you miss an opportunity.

I've used ALF for many years and find it to be a pivotal new business tool. It's a one-stop shop for information and takes a lot of the leg work out of researching prospects.

Bailee-Kate Griggs, Goodstuff