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YouGov - Seeking Industry Insight

Founded in 2000, YouGov is a global market research and data business. It offers companies, governments and institutions the insight and data to ‘better understand the people that sustain them’. Its products include: BrandIndex, a daily brand perception tracker; YouGov Omnibus which enables brands to obtain answers from both national and selected samples; and YouGov Profiles, a media planning, segmentation tool for brands and agencies. YouGov is one of the world’s top 25 research companies and the UK’s most quoted research company. It has been using ALF for 10 years.

YouGov use ALF daily. ALF helps YouGov to get its name out there by providing them with an easy-to-use tool that saves valuable time which can be better spent increasing their brand and capability awareness by talking to the people they need to, found on ALF.

When first introduced to the platform, the team found it straightforward to use, quick to search and that it brought up relevant contacts. Importantly, they saw how it would work well in conjunction with other prospecting and insight tools they were currently using. As a busy team, ALF was an ideal fit for their workflow.

Delving into ALF, they found even more helpful features that made their job easier. ALF enables them to view similar businesses to the ones they have been working with, which sometimes presents a company that they hadn’t previously had on their radar. Also, when they search for a brand ALF will display its parent company, an insight that can be really useful when approaching that brand. In addition, ALF’s job moves come in handy, as the team can identify people they’ve previously worked with who are now at a new company that they may not yet work with. If they already have a contact at a brand, they can use ALF to see whether that person is still there and, if not, view alternative contacts.

Being able to click straight through from a contact’s profile to their LinkedIn profile to get a better feel for their prospect, and to use the advanced search to sort companies by number of employees or geographical location, are also benefits. By combining these actions, they are able to quickly and easily prepare to speak to those responsible for marketing budgets or research projects at brands. The team finds it useful to actively use ALF’s spend reports in these conversations with prospects, and check a brand’s advertising spend by media channel on ALF ahead of meetings. YouGov’s agency team also use ALF to keep up to date with new account pitches and wins, which helps initiate a conversation before introducing their offering.

By receiving a weekly round-up of relevant news broken down by market category, they can quickly see what’s been happening in that sector and click through to brand profiles on ALF. The daily newsletters also mean the team work collaboratively, sharing knowledge from the bulletins of use to their fellow colleagues.

By using ALF as a supplement to other lead sourcing products, it has become easier for YouGov to find specific contacts and companies to pitch to. Spend data sets ALF apart from the rest, providing the team with valuable insight that enables them to make relevant connections with those they are prospecting.

To find out more about how ALF can help you with new business, please contact our team.