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Is ALF GDPR compliant?

Yes. ALF data is processed under ‘Legitimate Interest’. We have undertaken a Legitimate Interest Audit (LIA) and have implemented a robust process that ensures transparency and provides data subjects with an explicit and regular opportunity to opt out from ALF or access their details.

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How often does ALF research companies?

ALF research and updates companies and agency profiles every nine, twelve, fifteen or twenty-four weeks. In addition, if clients find any inaccuracies, we aim to fix these within 24 hours of being reported to us.

How many people do we have in our research team?

We have a dedicated team of 17 researchers that updates the database continuously to ensure its accuracy.

What support do I receive with my subscription?

When you have ALF you will also have your very own Account Manager and Customer Success Manager to support you in enhancing your prospecting possibilities.

How many trade press sources do we monitor?

ALF provides an overview on 31 trade press publications, consolidating the information you need on the UK’s leading brands marketing activities.

How do we research companies advertising spend?

We partner with Nielsen to provide over £11 billion of advertising spend on the companies we cover including the amount they are spending on each channel.

What additional information will ALF provide me with to help me with prospecting.

Our reports sections show you a brands spending patterns, increased spenders and fallers, new companies to the market, direct-to-consumer brands and advertisers without agencies.

How many industries does ALF cover?

ALF monitors the entire market and categories companies into 33 industry sectors and 568 sub-sectors to help you with segmenting and granularity.

Can you integrate ALF into your CRM?

Yes, ALF’s API means that your developers can take the data from ALF and integrate it into your CRM. This means you don’t even need to go to the ALF platform to benefit from our data and insights – now you can have ALF come to you! Technical documentation and example code can be found at https://api.alfinsight.com/

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