Advertiser Page

Our full advertiser pages are only available to ALF subscribers. A representation that includes the information an ALF subscriber would see is shown below.

We research the top 6,000 advertisers in the UK across 33 categories including finance, retail, entertainment and food & drink.

Our advertiser profiles showcase all the information you could possibly need including:

  • Social media links such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. 
  • Number of employees
  • Location
  • Telephone number
  • Any additional offices and associated details
  • News showcasing any time the company has been mentioned in any of the 31 trade press titles we cover
  • Spend data showing you what marketing channels the company has invested in
  • Quarterly trend giving insight on their historic advertising spend
  • Advertiser contacts including their job titles and  responsibilities
  • Brands related to this advertiser
  • Other companies in the same category as this advertiser
  • Additional information such as alternate telephone numbers 

These advertisers are the ultimate parent companies in charge of marketing budgets.

We also track the 17,000+ brands associated to these advertisers. An example of our brand profiles can be found here

To see a full advertiser profile with real data and everything else ALF has to offer, request a free demo today.