The LADbible and ALF: a perfect match

LADbible Group is growing, and helping this growth along the way is ALF. Joseph Summers is head of agency sales, overseeing the group’s agency relationships and serving all clients within these agencies.

Joseph and his team use ALF for insight, or to help them understand the market better. Access to ALF enables them to find out what brands are spending on, the relationships between agencies and brands, and who works on these brands at the agencies – ultimately serving up the people they should be contacting. There are lots of different elements of research that go into bringing in a deal at LADbible Group, and ALF’s role within this process is to ensure the sales team get in touch with the right person at the right time.

Along with Joseph’s agency team, the group’s client partnerships team also make use of ALF’s contact data. However, this team focusses on contacting brands directly, meaning that ALF’s brand spend figures and spend trends also come in handy to point them in the right direction.

Joseph says that ALF has helped make the LADbible Group sales team’s research process easier and has provided instant ROI with the team finding the names and contact details they need right away. Also, the team always receive the help they need from their dedicated ALF account manager. From queries to report requests, every issue is resolved in a timely manner.

He adds that, compared to other tools, ALF offers his team a more granular search. It is a simple tool which is easy to use and, most importantly, saves precious time. Joseph suggests that what makes ALF unique is that it is made for businesses like us’something that other tools are not truly focusing on. ALF helps to make the sales teams’ jobs easier by providing the insight that they specifically need to bring in new business and fuel growth.

Founded in 2012, LADbible Group is a UK-based company which provides news, entertainment and community to a global audience of young people. Its editorial, video, documentary and live content gains billions of views each month, making it one of the most prominent video publishers on the web.

Having begun with a single brand, LADbible – now followed by half of all UK men ages 18-24, the group has since grown to include titles such as Pretty 52 and SPORTbible, as well as branded content agency Joyride and licensing arm CONTENTbible.