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National Centre for Domestic Violence ‘The Not-So-Beautiful Game’ / J. Walter Thompson

England’s loss to Belgium last Thursday devastated plenty of dedicated football fans. For some, though, it could be life threatening. A powerful ad from the National Centre for Domestic Violence, created by JWT, draws attention to the epidemic of domestic violence and the shocking statistic that incidences of domestic violence increase by 26% when England play and 38% when they lose. The poster is simple but shocking; difficult to look at, yet not so graphic that it makes viewers turn away completely.
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World Cup round up

The Super Bowl might be the biggest advertising event of the year in the USA, but it’s got nothing on the World Cup. Everyone from supermarkets to betting brands has been rolling out adverts for the epic sporting event taking place in Russia this year. Under the spotlight this week is all our favourite ads from the months-long World Cup campaign.
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Nikon ‘Four Weddings’ / We Are Pi

It’s difficult to get long-form content right: spots which sit uncomfortably between the standard 30-second ad format and long-form territory, at three or four minutes long, can fail to capture the imagination. True long-form content can be equally off-putting – who has the time to watch a ten-minute ad? Fortune favours the bold, though, and it’s working for Nikon this week as they roll out a 20-minute short film to promote its new D850 model. ‘Four Weddings’ is a moving documentary which explores four different relationships and showcases a brand that wants to see relationships flourish and give consumers the opportunity to visually document their lives and interactions with each other.
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San Miguel ‘Find Your Rich’ / Pablo

Brands are working harder than ever to position themselves at the centre of our lives and communities. For the third year running, San Miguel is publishing its own alternative ‘rich list’ of 20 life-rich people from around the world, supported by a new spot exploring what wealth should really mean.
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Channel 4 ‘Human Test’ / 4Creative

The increasing popularity of on-demand streaming services like Netflix, which offer not only the convenience of watching whenever you want but also the appeal of binging on your favourite shows that you haven’t seen in years, mean live TV broadcasters have it harder than ever when it comes to creating ‘buzz’ about the premiere of new series and episodes. Channel 4’s in-house creative team has shown it’s up to the task with the latest campaign for the new series of Humans.
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H&M ‘Spring collection 2018’ / Adam&Eve/DDB

Spring has finally arrived, and summer isn’t too far behind – or, at least, it feels that way watching H&M’s latest ad for its spring collection. The sunny spot showcases the latest high-street fashions merged with the retail giant’s recognisable style in a dramatic outdoor dance routine, paying homage to young women who are doing things their own way.
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Moneysupermarket ‘Epic Action Man’ / Mother

Moneysupermarket.com and Mother will soon be parting ways, as the advertiser seeks a new creative agency for a totally new brand strategy. For its last spot before resigning the account, Mother takes the Moneysupermarket.com classic ‘feeling epic’ ad format to a new, ridiculous, hilarious place: an Action Man dance routine.
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Universal Parks & Resorts ‘Grow Bolder’ / David & Goliath

The line between childhood and adulthood is usually pretty clear-cut in advertising: adverts for kids are distinct, with a bright and upbeat atmosphere, sometimes with cartoons or animated characters. Universal Parks & Resorts has ditched convention for their latest campaign, rolling out instead a minute-long monochrome drama.