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Burger King/ Scary Clown Night/ LOLA Mullen Lowe

On Saturday, Burger King offered its Leicester Square customers a free Whopper if they came in dressed as clowns, in a clear dig at its fast food rival’s mascot. Does comparative advertising ever really work though, especially when the stunt involves the subject of many people’s childhood nightmares?
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Bodyform and Libresse/ Blood normal/ AMV BBDO

Bodyform and sister brand Libresse’s ‘Blood Normal’ campaign is the first in the UK to banish blue liquid in favour of menstrual blood in an ad that wants to smash taboos and lend a normality to the business of having a period. Did the brand and its creatives manage to achieve this given international cultural sensitivities and current ad regulation?
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Counter Terrorism Policy/ Run, Hide, Tell/ The Sun

The recent atrocities in London and Manchester have sadly resulted in some of the youngest victims of terror, and with that in mind, Counter Terrorism (CT) Policing and The Sun have launched a new safety campaign aimed at younger people. This week’s campaign spotlight delves into the thinking behind the campaign and examines whether it’s ‘Run. Hide. Tell.’ message will scare or save its intended demographic.