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Pringles ‘Flavour Epiphanies’ / Digitas LBi

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Pringles latest work, created with the help of Digitas LBi, production company Dark Energy and animators Cookie Studio, is a series of colourful, quirky spots which peer into the imaginations of people that have just experienced a Pringles flavour. Humorously titled ‘Flavour Epiphanies’, the spots see the live action, curved crisp lovers transported into an animated, imaginary world where they experience relentless joy. However, the epiphany is only experienced by the consumers themselves, demonstrated by the end of each spot which snaps back to reality, showing the consumer to actually be in just their everyday surroundings and their ecstasy at their crisp consumption baffling onlookers.



There are five 20-second spots, each promoting a different flavour variant: Paprika, Sour Cream & Onion, Nacho Cheese, and Texas BBQ. Each spot takes the taster to a different world following the sound of an iconic Pringles ‘pop!’, with Sour Cream & Onion generating a fantasy of onions as tall as trees and hummingbird’s flocking around tubs of cream, while Texas BBQ conjures up a world of riding a giant Pringle like a cowboy and tomatoes that fly into the sky and burst like fireworks. A voiceover provides comical commentary, with each spot ending with the strapline ‘Discover a World of Flavour’.



The unusual spots continue the precedent set by last year’s campaign which got model Kelly Brook on board to pour Pringles into a giant green ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’-style machine in order to produce the world’s first ‘edible flavour cloud’.


Despite the brand’s already unique selling points of shape, stackability and tubular packaging, it seems to be now pushing its flavours as the best in the market. These ads position the products as ones which possess flavours that don’t just satisfy the taste buds but go beyond that, by taking the consumers on a journey to wherever their imagination may take them. It also fits into the brand’s original slogan ‘once you pop you can’t stop’, showing the tasters completely captivated by their flavour fantasy.



The campaign is optimised to be shared on Pringles’ social media channels and designed to stand out and stop the scrollers in their tracks.