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Arla UK ‘Fibre’ / Wieden & Kennedy London

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In 2015, the UK government published guidelines stating that our dietary fibre intake should increase to 30g a day, after finding that most adults are only eating around 18g. However, with the rise and rise of protein products riding of the coattails of the gym and fitness boom, fibre has been somewhat usurped.


In Arla’s latest campaign for its new range of fibre-rich yoghurts, the dairy giant champions this food group (albeit in a slightly back-handed way), aiming to push it back up on a pedestal. The 40-second spot, created by Wieden & Kennedy London, starts, unusually, by suggesting nobody cares about or loves fibre. A voiceover, whose bland tone demonstrates the supposed attitude towards fibre, explains how uninterested people are with the food group, but then uses this as reasoning for why people aren’t getting enough of it in their diets – the most important takeaway from the ad.



Arla’s campaign uses quintessential W&K style – colourful, vibrant and quirky to remedy the ‘brown, bland and boring’ associations with fibre foods  – plus dashes of humour to help entertain during its fairly mundane quest to get people thinking about their dietary requirements. Its comical cameos include a computer nerd who gets the edible fibre confused with the high-speed internet version, a gym bunny who is called out for her unhealthy lack of fibre intake despite her relentlessly cycling while drinking a green smoothie, and an owl perching on a bowl of seeds and nuts who demonstrates someone who does ‘give a hoot’ about fibre.


Having successfully made us question our fibre intake, the ad ends by offering us the perfect solution – Arla’s tasty new yoghurts, where its high-fibre content goes unnoticed. The campaign runs under the strapline ‘for people who can’t be fussed with fibre’.


The brand has already had success itself with its range of high protein yoghurts, including its Skyr offshoot, so with the support of this memorable spot, it’s sure to be once again leading the pack in the soon-to-come fibre frenzy.


The TV ad was created by Alexandra Sattlecker and Linda Weitgasser and directed by Jake Dypka through Independent Films, and will be supported by digital, social and print activity.