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CBeebies ‘Everyone's Welcome’/ Karmarama

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After a turbulent few months for the UK, punctuated by atrocities which have attempted to divide the nation, CBeebies new campaign couldn’t be more relevant. ‘Everyone’s welcome’, the brainchild of agency Karmarama, celebrates cultural diversity, tolerance and inclusiveness.


A series of 30-second spots for the TV channel see pairs of children, who are real friends, asked the question ‘what makes you two different from each other?’ Despite the children having visual contrasts, ranging from gender, ethnicity or physical ability, the viewer’s heart is warmed when the youngsters struggle to immediately think of anything that sets them apart. When they eventually muster them up, the children’s answers amount to trivial matters: one child liking tomato sauce slightly more than the other, one living further up the hill than the other, and a pair who’s differing skills, in fact, make them the perfect match to work together for a game of hide and seek, “she’s good at counting, and I’m good at hiding”, one girl says.



Even when the children point out something that they are better at than their companion, nearly all of them soften the blow by reminding their buddy that they are good at something different, such as one girl stating that, although she is good at gymnastics, her friend is good at swimming. This is particularly significant in that, firstly, it reminds us that we should always try and see the good in one another, and secondly, it reminds children and adults alike that everyone has their place in society, with everyone bringing their own special skill to the cause. Equally, the kids’ fidgety impatience, signifying their want to just get on playing with their friend, is important as it shows that there are better ways to spend life then dwelling on, or obsessing over, difference.


The work runs under the strapline, ‘when it comes to difference, children see things differently’ with Cbeebies reminding viewers that on its channel ‘Everyone’s Welcome’.


Last weekend people across Britain celebrated ‘The Great Get Together’, an event that marked the year anniversary of the untimely death of MP Jo Cox, which saw people reaching out to their neighbours and local communities to celebrate togetherness. Jo’s favourite statement, that ‘we have more in common than that which divides us’, is similarly expressed in Karmarama’s work for Cbeebies. By demonstrating children struggle to think of anything that makes them different from one another, it encourages us to take a similar approach to life, to treat others with kindness, see beyond just what is on the outside, and live in harmony with one another.


The campaign is bound to be successful, as it comes just at the right time when everyone needs reminding of the good in the world. It is hard not to be moved by the sentiment of the campaign in light of current events, while on the other hand the children’s adorable, innocent responses will bring smiles to people’s faces. 


Alice Webb, director of BBC’s Children’s content, said of the work, “It’s a campaign that shows just how young children see the world, and, quite frankly, they see things differently to how you and I might. These kids know what’s important – friendship, openness and respecting each other’s differences, a lesson we can all learn from.” By producing such a charming, positive and inspirational campaign, Cbeebies is bound to see parents across the country switch on the channel for their children.


The campaign will run for four weeks across the BBC’s broadcast and social media channels.