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Argos 'Christmas Yetis' / CHI & Partners / Mindshare / AllTogetherNow

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It’s barely November but now that the hurdle of Halloween has passed, retailers are turning their full attention to Christmas. Brands are hard at work cementing their spots on wish lists and creating snappy tunes sure to be remembered when shoppers make their inevitable trips to the shops. While John Lewis is still building anticipation for its blockbuster ad, other retailers have hit the ground running. This week saw Argos take to TV screens to promote its prompt delivery service with speed skating Yetis. 


Although this is the first Christmas for Argos since the Sainsbury’s takeover, this year’s festive ad retains distinctly cheerful and sporty themes from years gone by. Last year’s ad saw professional down-hill skiers try out tricks and Argos products on the slopes of a snowy mountain. This year’s ‘Christmas Yetis’ TV ad by CHI & Partners employs pro ice skaters to similar effect. The 60-second ad is set to the tune of ‘What’s This?’ from The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack and sees five neon coloured, eight-foot-tall yetis ice skate down icy streets in Warsaw. Along their route, the yetis find all sorts of fun items sold by Argos, from Bose headphones to hairdryers and Furby toys. Of course, the Yetis aren’t only skating, they are humorously testing out all the new products they find along the way. The ad ends with on-screen text promoting Argos Fast Track delivery.  



To promote the ad, ‘real’ yetis in Santa hats have been unleashed on the streets of London before exploring the country at large later this month. Consumers who find themselves up close and personal with the creatures can snap a picture with the #ArgosYelfie hashtag to be entered to win a ‘festive surprise’ from Argos. Those who aren’t lucky enough to meet the yetis in real life can download a printable mask from the retailer’s website to get in on the competition. AllTogetherNow devised the social campaign while Mindshare handled media. The campaign is supported by video-on-demand, print and paid digital. 




Deviating from the emotional roller coaster ads preferred by John Lewis, this campaign appeals to our practical sides. One can order all the Christmas presents they like, but if the packages don’t arrive by Christmas morning the point is mute. The TV ad is two-fold. It promotes the wide-range of items the retailer stocks, while informing customers about all important shipping services. The ad is fun, endlessly watchable thanks to a memorable soundtrack and drives customers to use the brand’s key same-day delivery service. The supporting social campaign only adds to the magic of the Christmas season by offering fans a chance to interact with the stars of what might be one of the best ads going this festive season.