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  • Get access to over 35,000 Marketing, Advertising and Media contacts at major UK brands
  • Profile the top 6,000 advertisers and their agencies across 33 different categories, including Retail, Travel and Finance
  • Drill down into spend data to get a complete picture of a brand's marketing budget and what they are spending on
  • Know who your top prospects are and approach them more informed for a higher conversion rate


"ALF constantly surprises me with the accuracy of the information it can provide. ALF has proved fruitful in helping us source great contacts that are difficult to find elsewhere."

Rob Hunt, Head of Creative Solutions, N&S Plus

"ALF is an invaluable tool for us in New Business. It helps us with up-to-date insights into the industry, supported by a detailed, accurate database of brands, their contacts, their spend breakdowns and much more. It's also an incredibly user-friendly tool with great day to day support from the team."

Lara Price, PR and New Business Account Executive, BBH London