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13 Jun 2024

AO - let’s go with John Roberts founder of

Natalie Fedden

Listen to the latest episode of On Brand with ALF & Rory Sutherland with John Roberts - Founder & CEO of AO. 

John Roberts started Appliances Online for a £1 bet in the pub on Christmas Eve 1999 with his mate. Today it's known as and it's a huge success in the provision of white goods and now even more with TV and entertainment, smart tech, computing and more.

John tells Rory how the company has focused on superb customer service to differentiate itself from its competitors and he outlines the thinking behind their sponsorships and marketing. Interestingly, having started by mailing brochures and then moving totally online, they are beginning to mail mini-brochures again.

AO is now a totally vertically integrated business and John envisages a time, not far away, when they will be able to recycle every element of a piece of white goods into something brand new. AO also operate as a white label delivery business for a number of well known brands. This is a phenomenal 21st century success story.

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