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Harnessing the TikTok Boom

Apr 18, 2023

Listen to the latest episode of our podcast, On Brand with ALF & Rory Sutherland.

Banking on the Big Four

Mar 23, 2023

As they post large profits in an otherwise difficult economic climate, the UK’s leading banks face a challenge to appeal to consumers, but ad spend remains relatively high, and partnerships with good…

What brands are embracing consumer trends and will be popular this year?

Feb 02, 2021

Whether it is consumer behaviours which make brands design and launch new products, or innovations that drive demand, here are the top 5 trends and brands within these sectors that will likely be pop…

Newsworks Shift 2017: Here's what we learned

Mar 08, 2017

From #Piggate to the future of news, this year's Shift event from Newsworks grappled with the key issues facing the media industry in 2017. Here's our summary of the points raised.

Everything’s different, nothing’s changed: key points raised at the ABC Interaction 2017

Feb 08, 2017

From ad fraud to Chicken Little, this year's ABC Interaction covered it all. Here we run through the key issues debated at the event.

Rufus Olins on the enduring power of newsbrands

Jul 27, 2016

We spoke to Rufus Olins, chief executive of the marketing body for national newspaper brands, Newsworks, to find out his ideas about the future of newsbrands and the issues facing them today.

GfK Tech Trends 2016: Artificial Intelligence

May 17, 2016

GfK’s Tech Trends 2016 explores the latest advances in technology and examines their implications for consumer needs and behaviour. One of the burgeoning technologies covered in the report which will…

Guy Phillipson on the online advertising industry’s battle against ad blocking

May 10, 2016

BRAD caught up with the chief executive of the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), Guy Phillipson, to discuss the growing threat of ad blocking and how the industry is working to overcome it.

Native advertising: What you need to know

Apr 12, 2016

While native advertising is still a relatively new concept to some, it is coming into its own and has earned its place in a marketer’s arsenal.

ABC Interaction 2016: Five things we learnt

Jan 27, 2016

Like every year, last week’s ABC Interaction provided us with plenty to think about as to the challenges facing the industry in the year ahead. If you couldn’t make it to the conference itself, then …

Lauren Holleyoake on publishing in a multi-platform world

Dec 09, 2015

Lauren Holleyoake, publisher of Grazia and The Debrief, talks to us about the ongoing success of her two brands, the challenges facing publishers in 2015, and what lies ahead...

What to do about engagement?

Oct 07, 2015

Engagement. It’s harder to think of any other marketing term used so regularly yet has so little agreement on what it actually represents. Jason Trout, UK Managing Director at Exponential, offers his…