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Sales and marketing during the pandemic

Oct 23, 2020

Earlier this year we asked ALF users in a survey various questions on how the pandemic has affected their sales and marketing role. This is what we found.

The factors that create new opportunities

Oct 08, 2020

What happens today will undoubtedly have an affect on our behaviour and activities in the future. Having the foresight to see how things can unfold from current events is crucial for anyone in a c…

ALF Talks with ITV and Clear Channel

Oct 08, 2020

Watch the first instalment of ALF Talks where we analyse the nuts and bolts of B2B sales and marketing with the leading figures in the industry.

Newcomer brands are changing the way consumers shop and are spending more on advertising

Aug 18, 2020

According to a recent forecast, non-eCommerce retail sales will drop by 16% this year, followed by a recovery in 2021. And its predicted sales will never reach pre-pandemic levels. Here are some exa…

How to build an agency patch

Jun 08, 2020

Knowing which agencies look after which brands can be difficult to keep track of. ALF makes it easier for you to find agencies that look after certain brands from particular industries.

These brands have launched new products under lockdown

Jun 01, 2020

New products mean new campaigns. In the last two month ALF has announced 66 product launches ranging from FMCG brands to high end luxury labels. Some products were created to reach new customers an…

5 brands that have stood out in the last 7 days

May 21, 2020

Here are 5 brands that are refreshing their image, changing their strategy or adjusting their operations to meet customers habits

Building B2B sales and marketing lists in ALF

May 14, 2020

High quality data creates high quality pipelines

ALF brand advanced search

May 04, 2020

How granular do you want to go with your prospect list.

Stars founded during a recession. What are these brands up to now?

Apr 15, 2020

Let there be no doubt we’re heading into a recession that will shake the world. As we predict to see difficult times ahead, history has proven that while some run away from the chaos, there will be m…

Do The Current Changes Represent Any Advertising Opportunity?

Apr 01, 2020

There is an opportunity in every crisis and the deeper the crisis, the better the opportunity can be. New sectors will emerge and old ones will cease to exist as the market adapts to the current clim…

Sales Managers listen up - COVID-19 and the resilient UK media sales market

Mar 12, 2020

The now announced pandemic COVID-19 is about to have an undeniable impact on our day to day lives, businesses and consumer habits. But, let’s not concentrate on the fear of what's going to happen an…

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