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GfK Tech Trends 2016: Artificial Intelligence

GfK’s Tech Trends 2016 explores the latest advances in technology and examines their implications for consumer needs and behaviour. One of the burgeoning technologies covered in the report which will undoubtedly unearth new opportunities for marketers and consumers alike is artificial intelligence. Here is what GfK has to say on the topic.
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ABC Interaction 2016: Five things we learnt

Like every year, last week’s ABC Interaction provided us with plenty to think about as to the challenges facing the industry in the year ahead. If you couldn’t make it to the conference itself, then fear not, as here we run through five key takeaways of the Interaction.
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What to do about engagement?

Engagement. It’s harder to think of any other marketing term used so regularly yet has so little agreement on what it actually represents. Jason Trout, UK Managing Director at Exponential, offers his view.
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Meet Stylehaul's New Gen of YouTube Stars

We popped by Stylehaul to get their scoop on the next generation of creators on YouTube. Meet Emily Victoria-Canham, Gracie Francesca and Robin James - these are the YouTubers you need to get to know, if you want their legions of fans to love your brand.