Making the initial contact, standing out or getting a response from a prospect can be one of the hardest things in sales and new business.

Emma Thwaite, New Business Director at The Kite Factory, and Debra Sharron, Founder & Lead Trainer at Media Sales Training discuss what should the approach be to engage prospects in our recent webinar. 


Emma Thwaite has worked within the agency new business world for over 20 years where she has implemented new business plans and ran PR and marketing for global agencies and independents. She’s developed the art of putting clients first in conversations and has created a culture of driving growth and spotting opportunities at every agency she has supported. 

Debra Sharron is the founder and trainer at Media Sales Training. She specialises in supporting commercial professionals and their managers to maximise sales effectiveness through interactive and practical workshops, and one to one coaching sessions. With over 3 decades of experience in the UK publishing and media industry, Debra works with some of the UK’s largest media institutions to improve how sales and new business people manage themselves, their mindset and their sales activities to achieve results.