With so many marketing channels at your fingertips, it’s hard to know which ones are best to invest in, especially when there are so many buzzwords and phrases winging their way around the web.


Phrases like “Content is king”, “Year of mobile” and “Digital backlash” may all seem contradicting, but they all have one thing in common: multiple channels. Success lies in being able to create a diverse campaign using different methods. 


Content is king


It’s no secret that content is king: half of marketers will be using content as a marketing channel in 2015, as we found in our

Marketing Trends, Spend and Forecasts 2015 report.  


But it’s no good having majestic content if none of your clients are reading it. Content is now just as much about distribution as it is about quality. And there are so many distribution channels to choose from - social, search, email, native, and offline - so it’s vital to work out the best delivery method for your content.


Year of mobile


Did you know that 2015 is actually the third annual Year of Mobile? We are taking comfort in the fact that Salesforce has named 2015 the year of mobile ‘for real’.

If you’re not online, you’re not on the radar.


In our ‘always on’ society, it is more important than ever for web presence to infiltrate mobile and tablet. 


In 2015, marketers will be ensuring brand continuity across all online platforms. It’s no longer just about being present online but also pushing complementary messages across different online channels – whether its mobile, social or banner advertising. 


Digital Backlash


While content, web and mobile are still vital channels, marketers aren’t entirely turning their back on traditional means of communication. As information available online escalates, attention spans are dwindling. 


It’s easier to simply hit delete than sift through your inbox or scroll past a sponsored tweet rather than read and click through the link. 


With traditional offline marketing methods like direct mail, recipients are more likely to physically pick up your information, read it and have an actionable response. This is why 34% of marketers are looking at investing in direct mail marketing this year.


The trick, now, is to ensure that you’re building a coherent, consistent and interesting journey online and offline. If the messaging is supported across channels, both online and offline can complement one another.  


A particularly strong recent example of this was the Oreo Eclipse campaign, which brought together out of home, print and social strategies to create a real-time, multiple platform advertising campaign.


It’s worth considering which channels best compliment each other and then using these effective, and ALF has the tools to help you do this. Download our Marketing Trends, Spend and Forecasts 2015 report for more information.