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    Campaign (10 Jul 2020)

    COVID-19: Lynx "Smell ready" by MullenLowe London

    LYNX has launched a 60-second spot which sees men coming out of lockdown. Created by MULLENLOWE, the ad sees men so adapted to staying indoors that they literally sink into their sofas, fall in love with characters on the TV and go up in flames at the sight of daylight. When the men step outside and begin meeting women again there are many mishaps: turning to ice at the sight of a smile or a malfunctioning loud speaker at a socially distanced date. The ad encourages people coming out of lockdown to at least 'Smell Ready'.

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    The Grocer (08 Jul 2020)

    Joanna Allen steps in as new CEO of Graze

    GRAZE has appointed UNILEVER's global brand vice president for Sure Joanna Allen to the role of chief executive officer. She takes over the position from Anthony Fletcher.

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