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    Breaking Travel News (24 Jan 2019)

    NATS unveils artificial intelligence trial at London Heathrow

    NATS has started a trial to discover whether artificial intelligence could be used to help reduce flight delays. Taking place at NAT's Digital Tower Laboratory at HEATHROW AIRPORT, the project will test whether a combination of ultra HD 4K cameras and state-of-the-art AI and machine learning technology can be used to help improve the airport's landing capacity in times of low visibility and improve punctuality. NATS is deploying 20 ultra HD camera at the airfield which are then fed into an AI platform called Aimee. The Aimee platform can interpret the images, track the aircraft and inform the controller when it has successfully cleared he runway. The trial will end in March and Aimee will study the behaviour of more than 50000 arriving flights to ensure the accuracy of the system.

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