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    Financial Times (09 Jan 2019)

    Heathrow eyes thousands more flights with changes to arrival routes

    HEATHROW wants to change approaches to its airport to allow an additional 25000 flights each year, including over areas currently unaffected by aircraft noise. The airport wants to adopt 'independent parallel approaches' to improve punctuality for its two existing runways, but faces five legal challenges in March, including a group of local councils, joined by London mayor Sadiq Khan and GREENPEACE, and eco-charity FRIENDS OF THE EARTH.

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    The Drum (26 Jun 2018)

    Friends of the Earth: Where Won't They Frack?

    FRIENDS OF THE EARTH is raising awareness of plans to carry out the first steps towards fracking in Sherwood Forest by enlisting the help of actor Mark Rylance. The short film documents the history of the forest and the animals and plants that live within it, before outlining how it is now under threat.

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