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    Campaign (03 Jul 2020)

    Carlsberg welcomes back pubs with reunion story

    CARLSBERG has launched a feel-good campaign celebrating the reopening of pubs after lockdown. 'Welcome back to the pub' by FOLD7 parodies an escape movie following three friends as they come out of lockdown until they finally meet in a beer garden and enjoy a pint of Carlsberg Danish Pilsner. The campaign includes a two-day roadblock of TV spots across channels such as ITV and CHANNEL 4, alongside social media, outdoor and national press ads. INITIATIVE handled media. Carlsberg also formed a media partnership with LADBIBLE to celebrate local pubs and promote its Love My Local platform to beer drinkers and publicans. Love My Local launched in April and allows pubs, restaurants and cafés to sell food and drink to consumers via takeaway and delivery.

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    The Grocer (26 May 2020)

    Carlsberg UK and Marston’s agree to £780m merger of brewing arms

    CARLSBERG UK and MARSTON'S have agreed to merge their brewing arms to create a new joint venture in the UK. The newly formed company will be known as Carlsberg Marston's Brewing Company with a combined value of £780m. Carlsberg will own 60% of the joint venture with Marston's owning 40%. Carlsberg will pay up to £273m to Marston's as part of the deal, with £34m of Carlsberg's payment will be a deferred payment contingent on performance. The transaction is expected to be completed in the second half of the year, subject to approval of Marston's shareholders and the UK's Competition & Markets Authority.

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