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    The Drum (11 Jul 2019)

    Topshop Topman and Virtue launch 'Date Dash' mini-series for Gen Z shoppers

    TOPSHOP & Topman has collaborated with VICE MEDIA'S creative agency Virtue to launch 'Date Dash'. The campaign is an aid to gain relevance with Gen Z consumers. Two contestants are stationed in stores across the UK and tasked to win over their suitor by the outfit they assemble. The first episode is featured on both Topshop & Topman's respective websites, introducing the suitor and contestants. There are also links to the clothes they are wearing that are readily available for online purchase. 

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    Diary Directory (02 Jul 2019)

    Topshop Beauty launches on Zalando

    TOPSHOP has launched Topshop Beauty on ZALANDO. It includes 205 products that can be shipped to eight different markets. 

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