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    Campaign (17 Oct 2018)

    Three adopts controversial stance on phone use to win round brand rejectors

    THREE is demonstrating that 'phones are good' in a new campaign that imagines how historical moments would have been improved with smart phones. Created by WIEDEN & KENNEDY, the spots include Henry VII finding wives on Tinder, hungry caveman ordering a DELIVEROO and Titanic's captain avoiding disaster by spotting an iceberg on a GPS tracker. A full 2-and-a-half minute film showing all scenarios has launched on social, and will roll out to cinemas next week, while 60- and 30-second spots will appear on TV. It will be supported by OOH and in-store activity, as well as an exhibition featuring commissioned paintings than imagine historical figures' social media profile pictures, and an influencer campaign that will show the social media butterflies living without their phones.

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    Campaign (16 Oct 2018)

    Sainsbury's "Halloween 2018" by Wieden & Kennedy London

    SAINSBURY'S Halloween campaign features an animated singing pumpkin surrounded by products from its Halloween lineup. The spot is set to the 1990s theme song Round the Twist. It was created by WIEDEN & KENNEDY.

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