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    Campaign (13 May 2019)

    BrewDog "Advert" by Uncommon Creative Studio

    BREWDOG has created a minimalist advert in conjunction with UNCOMMON that speaks to advertising cynics. Launching during Game of Thrones, it will simply be a 30-second clip with a can of the beer in front of the word 'advert' in capital letters, set to a heavy metal track. Variations of the ad will also feature on the sides of buses. It claims to be 'the most honest ad ever'.

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    Campaign (01 May 2019)

    Ecover "L'eau de bebe" by Uncommon Creative Studio

    ECOVER has launched a pastiche of perfume ads depicting models transfixed by a baby with an alluring fragrance. Created by UNCOMMON, the spoof ad promotes 'L'eau de bébé', the magical scent of babies, in a baby-shaped perfume bottle. The spot ends with the real message; promoting Ecover Zero which is zero-fragrance for zero baby scent interference. RED CONSULTANCY, Media Bounty and GOODSTUFF handled PR, social and media respectively.

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