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    The Drum (15 Jan 2019)

    Gymbox says the sports club is the new nightclub in first work from Quiet Storm

    QUIET STORM has launched its first campaign for Gymbox which positions the gym as a fun alternate to going out. The yellow and black ads are designed to emulate nightclub posters and include provocative headlines such as 'be great in bed' and 'get your heart rate above 150' alongside a pill icon. The work will run across print, social and OOH, including on LONDON UNDERGROUND, rail, and train stations sites including London's Victoria, Covent Garden and Stratford. 

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    The Drum (27 Nov 2018)

    Moonpig: Overwhelmed Postie by Quiet Storm

    MOONPIG is promoting its 20% festive gift and card deal with a 20-second ad. The spot, created by QUIET STORM, sees a postwoman snowed under with post generated by Moonpig's offer, who then becomes excited when the voiceover (comedian Diane Morgan) reveals that there is a present within the massive pile for her. It will run on ITV, SKY MEDIA and CHANNEL FOUR, supported by radio activity. 

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