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    The Drum (14 Jun 2017)

    New York Bakery Company creates romance novel trilogy

    THE NEW YORK BAKERY COMPANY has released a trilogy of romance novels that see bagels and topping ingredients getting intimate together. ‘An Unexpected Summer Romance’, created by NOW, is inspired by 1940s melodramas and is aiming to position the bagel as a summer sandwich through romantic storytelling between bagels and toppings. The novels are entitled ‘A Strawberry Seduction’, ‘An Avocado Affair’ and ’The Burger Infidelity’ and will initially run across women's magazines.

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    Campaign (08 Jun 2017)

    Women's Equality Party "Equality. Not everyone gets it" by Now

    NOW has released a last minute parody film for the Women's Equality Party ahead of today's General Election. 'Equality. Not Everyone Gets It' stars actress Jessica Hynes as she reveals her ignorance of gender issues and the party's stance on issues. 

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