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    PR Week (18 Feb 2019)

    Frankie Cory resigns as Mischief CEO

    MISCHIEF chief executive Frankie Cory is leaving the agency after five years. Her resignation follows the agency's parent group Engine announcing plans to merge all its shops under different divisions within the Engine brand. Mischief, along with MHP, has now become part of 'Engine Communications'. Cory will leave the agency in July and the search for her successor has already begun.

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    PR Week (21 Jan 2019)

    MHP and Mischief to adopt 'Engine' branding

    MHP COMMUNICATIONS and MISCHIEF PR will both begin using their parent group Engine's branding. ENGINE GROUP plans to bring all its agencies under a common brand banner, including three divisions: transformation, creative, and PR. Its two PR outfits are expected to retain some of their legacy branding, meaning they could be renamed 'Engine MHP' and 'Engine Mischief'. It is not clear yet whether the restructure could have implications for the management and structure of the agencies. MHP chief executive Alex Bigg will lead the group's combined PR practice as chief executive officer of Engine Communications.

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