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    Campaign (11 Jun 2019)

    Wimbledon campaign links tennis with iconic moments in history

    MCCANN has launched a 60-second ad as part of a campaign for AELTC's Wimbledon event that aims to increase global engagement with the competition. '#JoinTheStory' includes archive footage, audio, images and headlines that link tennis with iconic historical moments such as the breaking of the land speed record, the rover landing on Mars, and fall of the Berlin wall. It is set to an orchestral rendition of Oasis' Live Forever, and will run on TV and online in the build up to the competition, which begins on 1 July. It will be supported by a podcast miniseries looking at the relevance of Wimbledon champions to historical events, which will run on Wimbledon's own channels, as well as experiential events in partnership with Secret Cinema and PR agency Boom, and social media activity. During the competition's run, AELTC will also run outdoor and ambient ads in the SW19 area of London aimed at visitors, media and local stakeholders. 

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    The Drum (30 May 2019)

    Aldi reprises 'Like Brands' campaign with a nod to Love Island

    ALDI has brought back its 'Like Brands' campaign with a new 20-second ad. The spot, created by MCCANN, sees two gnats each land on a person's knee before getting dolloped with sun cream. On screen signage shows the price comparison between a brand and Aldi own-brand sun protection. The camera pans out to show a woman laying on a sun lounger, nodding to the upcoming Love Island series. The campaign will air on ITV and CHANNEL FOUR.

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