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    Campaign (18 Nov 2019)

    McDonald's channels John Lewis in cute Christmas ad

    MCDONALD'S has launched its Christmas ad which tells the tale of a young girl who wishes for a pet reindeer. The spot, created by LEO BURNETT, begins as an animation, with the girl shunned by her moody teenage sister who doesn't want to play reindeers with her. The little girl then dreams up a pet reindeer who she plays with in the garden and shares 'reindeer treats' (McDonald's carrot bags). When they are all out for reindeer treats, the girls' father takes them to McDonald's to restock. As the ad transitions into live action, it is revealed that the pet reindeer is just the family dog wearing novelty reindeer antlers, while the older sister gives in and takes part in the make-believe story. The ad debuted on ITV and will be supported by a Reindeer Treat giveaway on Christmas Eve. 

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    Exclusive (15 Nov 2019)

    LEO BURNETT has promoted Andrew Long and James Millers to the roles of creative director.