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    The Grocer (24 Jul 2018)

    Graze drops ‘natural’ brown pack design after 10 years

    GRAZE has undergone a packaging makeover, replacing the 'natural' brown packaging it has had since 2008. The new colourful packs will have rolled out to almost 400 SKUs by September, at which time a supporting £2m campaign will launch. The redesign came after the brand noticed its rivals take on a similar look, and was put together with the help of creative agency JONES KNOWLES RITCHIE. Graze is also in the process of launching a breakfast proposition and exploring the use of 'clean' plant protein. 

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    The Drum (13 Apr 2016)

    DOMINO’S has redesigned its pizza boxes with its iconic red and blue domino logo. JONES KNOWLES RITCHIE has created two boxes to reflect the brand’s logo; one blue with two dots, and the other red with one dot. The pair of boxes reflects research showing that most Domino's pizzas sold in the UK are sold as pairs due to combo and ‘two for one’ deals offered.