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    Campaign (05 Apr 2019)

    Amazon "Bedtime story" by Joint

    AMAZON has launched a sentimental new campaign created by JOINT. The 60-second spot tells the story of a little boy who befriends a piglet, which is welcomed into his family home until the piglet grows into a full-sized pig and becomes a nuisance. The boy's mother leads the pig away leaving him heartbroken, until she enables him to see his old friend via their Amazon Echo device. It will run on TV and in cinemas in the UK, US and Germany. INITIATIVE was the media agency. 

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    Campaign (11 Feb 2019)

    Thatchers "Race car" by Joint

    THATCHERS' latest ad asks consumers why they would settle for a cider which is less than perfect. A mustachioed race car driver tries to take off from the starting line, but his car stalls and stutters before setting off at 1.4 miles an hour. The spot contends to viewers that they wouldn't want a race car which can almost race, so they shouldn't drink cider which isn't up to par. It explains that all Thatchers' cider is tested before being distributed to ensure its quality. JOINT created the campaign with media brokered by BRAY LEINO.

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