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    Campaign (04 Feb 2020)

    Droga5 promotes Monika Andexlinger to director of art production

    DROGA5 has promoted Monika Andexlinger to the position of director of art production.

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    The Drum (03 Jan 2020)

    GoCompare reprises car crash ad that became the most-complained about advert of 2019

    GOCOMPARE launched the second part of its accident re-enactment series despite its first being the most complained ad of 2019. 'Deer' by DROGA5 sees brand ambassador Gio Compario once again re-enacting circumstances that led to a real-life car insurance claim, this time swerving to avoid a deer and crashing his car. The actor also appears as himself to narrate the events, emphasising why it is important that you have the right insurance policy for when the unexpected happens. The TV ads launched on 4 January in 30- and 10-second spots. It will also be supported by out-of-home and digital out-of-home executions which launched on New Year's Day at high-impact locations including motion sites at Waterloo and Euston.

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