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    The Drum (25 Jul 2019)

    Varta recharges its look with debut PR and social media campaign

    VARTA BATTERIES has chosen BRASS to handle its PR & social media for a new campaign. The agency launched the campaign on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM to improve awareness, consideration and purchase through. Since the campaign launched, the consumer battery brand has seen an increased social presence and has been able to reach new consumers.

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    Prolific North (03 Jun 2019)

    Co-operative Bank and Brass team up for ethical social quiz

    CO-OPERATIVE BANK has launched an ethical quiz in collaboration with BRASS. Its aim is to encourage people to reexamine their values how they think. Ethics Academics from the UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS helped with the 'What's Your Good?' quiz which will include topics like sustainability and recycling. Two versions will be released through social networks for consumers and business leaders alike.

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