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    Marketing Communication News (12 Apr 2018)

    RSPCA’s new campaign calls for a world that’s kinder to animals

    THE RSPCA has kicked off its largest ever integrated brand campaign. Created by ARTHUR LONDON, the work entitled 'It takes us all to care' includes a 60-second spot which features animals from dogs and cats to hedgehogs and horses being taken care of by the RSPCA. A voice over reading a poem accompanies the images. The campaign aims to change perceptions of what the charity does and encourage people to create a world that's kinder to animals. 

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    The Drum (15 Mar 2018)

    Dementia UK lauds frontline nurses with emotional animation

    DEMENTIA UK has rolled out an emotional new ad to thank nurses who care for people with dementia. The three-minute animated spot, titled 'Together Again', uses an ocean separating a husband and wife as a metaphor for the widening gulf that memory loss can create. A nurse arrives on the shore where the husband is waiting with a boat, and guides him across to his wife, using music and mementos to re-ignite the wife's lost memories and emotional connection with her husband. The campaign was created by ARTHUR LONDON, and will be supported by activity on FACEBOOK and a 30-second radio ad.

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