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    The Drum (11 Jul 2017)

    Antidote creates ‘Drive Together’ for Mazda

    MAZDA’S latest TV ad is aiming to demonstrate how human senses are awakened when driving the new CX-5 model. The 30-second spot, created by ANTIDOTE, continues the brand’s Jinba Ittai inspired ‘Drive Together’ message. Mazda has evolved the Jinba Ittai phrase, which was originally used to describe the perfect harmony achieved between a mounted archer and his horse, to a more modern-day meaning of the harmony felt between a Mazda driver and the new CX-5. The campaign is backed by digital, social content, event marketing and a press tour and runs until September.

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    The Drum (06 Mar 2017)

    Antidote: Royal Ascot 'A World Like Nowhere Else'

    ANTIDOTE has created a campaign for ROYAL ASCOT featuring hand-painted illustrations from an artisan globe maker. The agency commissioned Bellerby & Co to create a globe with 30 illustrations telling the tale of Royal Ascot's history, heritage and long-standing traditions. 'A World Like Nowhere Else' will feature images and films showing off the globe and will run across press, OOH, ECRM, social, outdoor, and VOD.

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