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    The Drum (18 Oct 2018)

    Currys PC World unveils finale to its 'Beware Kitchen Envy' series

    CURRYS PC WORLD has rolled out a final ad for its 'Beware Kitchen Envy' campaign. The spot was created by AMV BBDO and it promotes the AEG SenseCook oven. It follows a husband and wife at a dinner party, with the husband becoming increasingly distressed by his wife's seeming interest in other men - before realising her discontent is with their kitchen appliances.

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    The Drum (01 Oct 2018)

    Dolmio: The Battle of Dinnertime by AMV BBDO

    DOLMIO has released a new TV ad which dramatises the everyday struggle faced by parents to get their children to sit down and eat dinner. After a series of tussles between parents and children, who are more interested in games and toys than food, a father enters the battlefield with a Dolmio flag and a bowl of spaghetti which ends the battle. It is the third spot in the 'No drama' campaign, created by AMV BBDO. The new ad aired on commercial channels and online. MEDIACOM handled campaign media.

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