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    The Drum (24 May 2018)

    Gaming firm Bethesda appoints Think Jam to handle PR

    BETHESDA SOFTWORKS has selected Think Jam to oversee its PR account following a competitive pitch. The agency has been tasked with promoting the software publisher's portfolio of games.

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    The Drum (11 Dec 2017)

    Bethesda: #SavePlayer1

    BETHESDA has teamed up with Lynda Carter to release a new parody video begging viewers to 'save' the single-player gamer. The ad is an imitation of the tear-jerking save-the-animals PSAs and shows gamers feeling neglected, forgotten, left behind by gaming companies, and searching for a single-player experience. The original Wonder Woman is calling for viewers to help, asking people to work together to end their pain. Bethesda is planning to help by promising to continue to release single-player games. The ad premiered during The Game Awards.

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