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    Vegan Food & Living (03 Jan 2020)

    Pizza Hut has launched a vegan pepperoni pizza in the UK

    PIZZA HUT has created a vegan pepperoni pizza in the UK, its seventh plant-based option to join the menu. The 'Pepperphoni' is made from pea protein and topped with Violife cheese. The pizza is a limited edition product, but could join the menu permanently if it is popular. Pizza Hut is encouraging customers who tried the pizza to take a picture for social media where they will enter a competition to win a £100 gift card.

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    Campaign (02 Sep 2019)

    Pizza Hut resumes aggro towards Domino's in ad for £5 delivery deal

    PIZZA HUT has launched the second part of its 'Now That's Delivering' campaign that once again takes aim at DOMINO'S. 'Too good to be true, but true' by IRIS features brand ambassador Parker J Patterson wearing a pair of magic trousers that catch fire when he tells a lie. He demonstrates the authenticity when telling a lie, they set on fire, but when he mentions 'Pizza Hut's £5 favourites menu offers everyone medium-sized pizza and sides for just £5', the trousers do not set alight. Domino's isn't mentioned explicitly, but is represented by a row of blue toppling dominoes. The ad will appear on YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, Twitch and Tabmo, and comprises of a 70-second spot and a series of six-second videos. Customers of both Pizza Hut and Domino's will be targeted online. NAVIGATE handled media for the campaign.

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