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    Campaign (04 Sep 2018)

    Yakult "A little bottle of science (not magic)" by Quiet Storm

    YAKULT's latest ad continues to build on its Japanese heritage brand proposition. The 30-second spot shows a magical ritual which is purportedly how Yakult was originally created. The voiceover then corrects the ritual devotees who star in the ad, explaining that the drink was actually created by Japanese scientists. QUIET STORM created the campaign and HEARTS & SCIENCE handled media.

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    Campaign (23 Jul 2018)

    Yakult creates vending machine that teaches Japanese words

    YAKULT has created an AI vending machine which rewards consumers with one of its dairy drinks if they learn a Japanese word. Visitors can touch the screen to choose their word, and will need to repeat it until they get it right. It will be rolled out to science festivals in the UK including the Festival of Curiosity in Dublin and the British Science Festival in Hull. The brand hopes to include more of its Japanese heritage in its marketing and brand identity.

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