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    The Drum (02 Oct 2017)

    Ad of the day: Snoop Dogg lays down an original rap to get to the core of WWE 2K18

    WWE hired barretSF to create a 90-second TV ad starring Snoop Dogg to promote a new video game, WWE 2K 18. The campaign has been designed to bring in fans that haven’t tuned into the franchise for a while up-to-date and to promote awareness of the game’s release on 17 October.

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    Talking Retail (31 Jul 2017)

    Topps unveils new WWE trading cards

    TOPPS has launched the 10th edition of its Slam Attax WWE trading cards, which includes a new card design and special Champion, Icon and OMG card subsets. Rarer packs also include collectable cards and authentic merchandise from WWE events.

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