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    bbc.co.uk (10 Aug 2017)

    Morrisons will not adopt 'fake-farm food' brands

    MORRISONS has announced it will no longer sell own-brand 'fake-farm' food. Supermarkets have come under criticism for using fake-farm labels for produce and meats. Morrisons previously sold a meat brand called Hemsley which used poultry imported from abroad.

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    Talking Retail (02 Aug 2017)

    Morrisons unveils in-store barbecue weather alerts

    MORRISONS has introduced local weekend weather forecasts in a bid to cut down on food waste and make it easier for shoppers to buy food ahead of the weekend. Local weather alerts will be aired over in-store PA systems and will be shown on weatherboards at the front of 491 Morrisons stores. Weatherboards will be updated at 5pm every Thursday throughout the rest of the summer to help customers plan for the barbecue season. Research conducted for Morrisons has shown that 21% of customers purchased the wrong food for the weather and 58% of people are unaware of the weather forecast when doing their shopping.

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