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    Campaign (13 Nov 2017)

    Morrisons Christmas campaign brings festive flavour to TV screens

    MORRISONS has launched its new Christmas advert featuring a young girl finding encouragement from her older brother. The heartwarming clip starts with the family visiting a reindeer, where the girl is nervous to get close before a gentle 'go on' from her brother. She also manages to put the star upon the Christmas tree and say her line in the school nativity play with his support. The advert is showcasing its "FREE FROM" range which closes with the family buying gluten-free deserts and the girl tucking in to eat following a final piece of reassurance from her brother.

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    bbc.co.uk (10 Aug 2017)

    Morrisons will not adopt 'fake-farm food' brands

    MORRISONS has announced it will no longer sell own-brand 'fake-farm' food. Supermarkets have come under criticism for using fake-farm labels for produce and meats. Morrisons previously sold a meat brand called Hemsley which used poultry imported from abroad.

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