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    Campaign (10 Jul 2017)

    Grant's "The journey" by FCB Inferno

    FCB INFERNO has released a new 60-second ad for GRANT'S likening the journey whisky goes through during production to the journey of life. 'The Journey' shows three friends going through important stages of life such as going to university and making life-long friends, which is then compared with the brand's whisky which is matured in three different types of wood. The ad will air globally.

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    The Drum (12 May 2017)

    Glenfiddich launches VR whisky tasting experience for Cask Collection whiskies

    WILLIAM GRANT has launched a VR whisky tasting experience for Glenfiddich Cask Collection whiskies. The 'Glenfiddich Virtual Infinity' experience was created by Purple Creative and will be available in select airports around the world. The experience brings users to the whisky's Warehouse 8 in Scotland where they can write their own tasting notes in the air.

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